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Department of Accounting and Business Law

Certified Public Accountant Exam

The Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Examination is the examination that individuals must pass in order to qualify for licensure as a CPA. The examination is offered in a computer-based format at authorized test centers throughout the U.S. Requirements to sit for the CPA examination vary by state -- a brief summary of the  minimum educational requirements to sit for the CPA examination in Louisiana are:

• Have a baccalaureate degree

• Have at least 150 semester hours of qualifying college credit

• Have successfully completed 24 hours of specific accounting courses and 24 hours of business courses (including an acceptable business law course)

The LSU Shreveport Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting is a 120-hour program. Although graduates who receive a B.S. in Accounting from LSUS will have completed all of the specific courses required to sit for the CPA examination under Louisiana rules, they may need as many as 30 additional semester hours of college credit to meet the 150-hour requirement. Two possible options for fulfilling this requirement are 1) a double major in accounting and finance (or another business major), or 2) completing the MBA degree. For further information regarding the MBA option, please contact Dr. Bill Bigler.

The Louisiana State Board of Certified Public Accountants has the authority to determine who qualifies to take the CPA examination and who qualifies for licensure as a CPA. Those who are interested in the complete requirements to sit for the CPA exam and other information pertinent to Louisiana CPAs should visit the State Board website.

Note that a student who already has a baccalaureate degree (in a major other than Accounting) does not actually have to obtain the Accounting degree -- he/she can qualify to sit for the CPA exam by taking only the specific courses needed to satisfy the State Board requirements.

Society of Louisiana Certified Public Accountants

The Society of Louisiana CPAs is a non-profit professional association with over 6,600 members statewide. Established in 1911, the Society works with CPAs in public practice, industry, government, and education. LCPA members have the benefit of a strong advocacy organization dedicated to unifying CPAs under a high standard of ethics and professionalism.

The purpose of LCPA is to unite the accountancy profession in Louisiana as constituted by the Certified Public Accountants of the state; to promote and maintain high professional and moral standards within the accountancy profession; to assist in the maintenance of high standards for the Certified Public Accountant certificate in the state; to develop and maintain standards for the examination of candidates for admission to the Society; to advance accounting research; to develop and improve accountancy education; to promote the public interest as it is affected by the practice of accountancy; and to encourage cordial relations among Certified Public Accountants in the United States of America and accountants of similar status in other countries of the world.