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School of Business

Business Certification Program

Business Essentials is a non-degree program designed to help participants develop a broad-based practical understanding of the relevant functional areas of business and business practices that are essential for success.  Business Essentials is ideal for non business majuors, as well as individuals who have previously earned a bachelor's degree, such as architects, engineers, scientists, nurses, physicians, journalists and teachers.

The Business Essentials certificate can be particularly helpful to those who are considering a career change that requires business knowledge, as well as to individuals who are interested in starting their own business venture, but who lack a formal education in business.

Required Courses

  • ISDS 150 (Computer Tools in Business)
  • Math 121 (College Algebra)
  • Math 260 (Elementary Statistics)
  • Accounting 205 (Principles of Financial Accounting)
  • Business Law 280 (Legal Environment of Business)
  • Economics 201 (Principles of Macroeconomics)
  • Economics 202 (Principles of Microeconomics)
  • ISDS 350 (Information Systems)
  • Management 301 (Principles of Management)
  • Marketing 301 (Principles of Marketing)
  • Finance 301 (Managerial Finance)

Prerequisites & GPA Requirements
ISDS 150* (computer tools in business) or an equivalent course is a prerequisite for ISDS 350.  Math 121 and either ISDS 150 or CSC 111 are prerequisites for Math 260.  Math 260, Accounting 205, and Economics 201 and Economics 202 are prerequisites for Finance 301. 

* Students who are familiar with basic computer software (Word, Excel, PPT, and Access) may test out of this course.

All 300 level courses require students to have completed 60 semester hours of college course work before enrolling.

Students must earn a 2.0 minimum GPA in the required courses to earn the certification.  A maximum of 12 hours of credit may be taken as pass/no credit.  All students who complete the required courses will receive a certificate, including pre-MBA students.

With the approval of the program director, students who have already earned a bachelor's degree may be able to transfer up to 9 hours of credit into the program at the 100 or 200 course level.  The transfer courses must be equivalent in subject matter, and credits must have been completed within the last five years at an accredited four year college or university with an earned grade of "B" or better.  Transcripts and course descriptions must support transfer requests.

A certificate will be awarded to a student who completes all required courses consistent with the certification requirements and submits a request to Ms. Kelly Wynn,