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College of Business, Education and Human Development

School of Business

The School of Business provides quality undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students for the demands of the business world. All programs are accredited by AACSB International, which represents the best business schools in the world. Dr. Nancy Albers Miller is the Dean, and Ms. Kelly Wynn is the Assistant to the Dean and an academic advisor. 

Available undergraduate programs in the School of Business include the following:

Majors: The majors available in the School of Business are Accounting, Financial Analysis, Financial Services, General Business Administration, Management and Administration, and Marketing.

Minors: Students pursuing majors outside of the School of Business may choose to add a Minor in Business, and a Minor in Economics is available to both business and non-business students. 

Concentrations:  Depending on the major, students may elect to add a concentration in Advertising Design, Human Resource Management, International Business, or Land and Energy Management.

Other degree programs in the School of Business include the Business Certificate Program as well as our 100% online graduate degree programs: 

The Business Certificate Program is a non-degree program designed for non-business students as well as pre-MBA students.

The Master of Business Administration and Master of Health Administration degrees are the School of Business' 100% online graduate degree programs. For more information on the MBA, click here, and for more information on the MHA, click here.

Unable to attend our campus? Try our ONLINE MBA program.

We look forward to working with you to successfully complete your educational objectives and encourage you to work closely with your faculty advisors to plan and execute your degree program. Our administration, faculty, and staff are ready to assist you and answer any of your questions.

Ms. Kelly Wynn, the Academic Counselor for Business Students, is especially helpful to new applicants and transfer students. If you would like to contact her, please emaill her at or call 318.797.5011.