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Seth Marshall gets published with Dr. Emre Celebi

Seth Marshall is a recent graduate of the LSUS Computer Science program and is now a grad student at the University of Kentucky (Lexington). But Seth was also a regular attendee and participant at the math department's Friday Seminar, so we feel more than justified in using this space to echo more good news, namely, that Seth is coauthor on a paper by one of the star researchers at LSUS, Dr. Emre Celebi.

(Read more by clicking HERE.) The title of the paper is, "Comparison of Conventional and Bisecting K-Means Algorithms on Color Quantization." It was presented by Dr. Celebi on Monday, August 20, 2012, during the session on Image Processing And Applications at SIP 2012 in Honolulu --- where Dr. Celebi gave the keynote address of the conference!

Congratulations to Seth Marshall and Dr. Emre Celebi!

(Seth, how come YOU didn't get to go to Hawaii??)