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Curtis Wesley to LeTourneau

The LSUS Department of Mathematics sends best wishes to Dr. Curtis Wesley, who has accepted a position in the Math Department at LeTourneau University in Longview, TX.

Dr. Wesley joined the LSUS Department of Mathematics as an Assistant Professor in August 2008 after receiving his Ph.D. from Texas Tech. He works in applied mathematics, specializing in models of the spread of infectious disease. While at LSUS his research produced the following publications and presentations. 


  • A Habitat-Based Model for the Spread of Hantavirus Between Reservoir and Spillover Species (with L.J.S. Allen (primary author), R.D. Owen, D.G. Goodin, D. Koch, C.B. Jonsson , Y.-K. Chu, S. Hutchinson, and R. Paige). Journal of Theoretical Biology 260 (2009), 510-522.
  • Models for the Spread and Persistence of Hantavirus Infection in Rodents and Indirect Transmission to Humans (with L.J.S. Allen). Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 7 (2010), no. 1, 195-211.
  • The Basic Reproduction Number in Epidemic Models with Periodic Demographics (with L.J.S. Allen). Journal of Biological Dynamics 3 (2009), 116-129.
  • A Discrete-time Rodent-Hantavirus Model Structured by Infection and Developmental Stages (with L.J.S. Allen, C.B. Jonsson, Y.-K. Chu, and R.D. Owen). Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications (S.N. Elaydi, K. Nishimura, and M. Shishikura, Eds.), July 24-26, 2006, Kyoto, Japan. Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics 53 (2009), 1-12.


  • Oct. 2009, The 2nd International Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Populations in Biological Systems, University of Alabama in Huntsville (oral presentation: "Models for the Spread of Hantavirus between Reservoir and Spillover Species")
  • May 2009, 24th Annual Shanks Conference, Mathematical Modeling in Medical Science, Vanderbilt University (oral presentation: "A Habitat-Based Model for the Spread of Hantavirus Between Reservoir and Spillover Species")
  • Sep. 2008, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Poster Presentation, Ohio State University (poster presentation: "The Basic Reproduction Number in Epidemic Models with Periodic Demographics")

Dr. Wesley is a native of Shreveport and graduated from Captain Shreve High School. (This means we can hope to see Curtis on frequent visits to Shreveport.) We'll miss Curts, his wife Huilan, and his young son Benjamin.