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Carlos Spaht's Financial Independence

Well, we don't know if Carlos really is financially independent, but he's helping show the way according to some of his recent publications, presentations, and travels with Harvey Rubin (of the LSUS School of Business).

  • "Financial Independence through Dollar Cost Averaging and Dividend Reinvestments," Journal of Applied Business and Economics, (coauthor, Harvey Rubin), (vol. 12(4)), 2011: 11-19.
  • "An Investment Strategy for Financial Independence," Journal of Accounting and Finance (coauthor, Harvey Rubin) (volume 12(3), 2012).
  • "Financial Independence through Dollar Cost Averaging and Dividend Reinvestments in Stocks Averaging at Least a Twelve Percent Increase in Dividends Each Year over a Fifteen Year Period," a paper presented at the National Business and Economics Society Twelfth Annual Conference, March 7 - 10, 2012, at the Westin Maui Resort and Spa in Hawaii. (The paper is published in the proceedings of the meeting.)

Maui?! Now that's the way to do the math. Congrats Carlos and Harvey!