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Department of Computer Science

Student Organization

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IOTA Chapter of Louisiana at LSU Shreveport, Chartered 8 May 2011

Charter Members:
Faculty: Dr. Adrienne Critcher, Dr. Leslie D. Fife, Dr. Paul Sisson

Graduate Students: Dr. Jonathan Baarsch, Seth Gholson, Catherine Gregorio, Phillip Kilgore, Bunyamin Kocabasoglu, Aaron Suckle

Undergraduate (Computer Information Systems): John Franklin, Logan Harris, Ryan Seftas

Undergraduate (Computer Science): Max De Benedetti, Sonia Lowe

UPE Charter Initiates

Front Row (LtoR): Gregorio, Suckle, Baarsch, Seftas, Lowe

Back Row (LtoR) Dr. Orlando Madrigal, UPE Executive Director, Provost Sisson, Critcher, Kilgore, Kocabasoglu, De Benedetti, Franklin, Harris, Fife

Not pictured: Gholson