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Department of Computer Science

Mission & Overview

CS Department Mission Statement
Under development.

CS Department Overview
The Computer Science Department offers an ABET accredited Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science; a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems degree with several environments to choose from - Currently: Business, Network Security and Animation and Visual Effects; and a Master of Science in Computer Systems Technology degree with concentrations in Computer Science, Biomedical Informatics and Business Administration. The department also offers a Minor in Computer Science. More information on each of these is available on the Degree Programs page.

A degree in computer science, computer information systems or computer systems technology prepare students for a wide variety of job opportunities in any industry that utilizes technology throughout the region and beyond. This is virtually any industry. These jobs can be found in both the government and private sectors.

The Computer Science Department at LSUS has several research labs, where both undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to work on a variety of ongoing research projects. The department also sponsors several student clubs where students with common interests can meet.

The Department also has a general computer lab for computer science students to use and classrooms equipped with computers.

The Computer Science degree is a traditional program, focused on software development.

The CIS degree focuses on specific industry sectors, preparing the students to work with networks, databases and other important technologies.

  • The Business Environment requires the student to take several courses in accounting, economics, marketing, business law, management and finance.
  • The Network Security Environment builds on the AAS in Information Network Security Specialist offered through the Cyber Information Technology Division at BPCC. Students who at not graduates of the degree program at BPCC will still have to take several courses from BPCC to complete this degree.
  • The Animation & Visual Effects Environment requires students to take a series of courses from the AVE Program at LSUS.

The MSCST prepares the students for a leadership role in the development and deployment of technology solutions.