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4+1 Program

The accelerated Master of Science in Computer Systems Technology (MSCST) degree program called 4+1 MSCST is an opportunity for LSUS students enrolled in the undergraduate program in Computer Science to transition directly into the MSCST program with focus on Computer Science, Biomedical Informatics, or Business Administration.

The 4+1 MSCST programs provides undergraduate students with a 3.0 GPA or greater the flexibility of being able to take graduate classes toward their master's degree during their senior year of undergraduate studies.  It also allows students to share six credit hours between their Bachelor's and Master's degrees.  In other words, two courses taken at 600-level courses (instead of 400-level) during the senior year double-count towards their undergraduate and graduate degree, bringing the number of required graduate courses from 10 to 8.  This way students save time and money by earning a graduate degree in just one year.  Students admitted in the 4+1 MSCST may take more than two graduate courses during their senior year. However, only two courses may double-count towards their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Interested students should meet with their undergraduate academic advisor or the head of the Department of Computer Science to learn more about the 4+1 MSCST program and to determine eleigibilty before applying to the program.

Students must be accepted inot the 4+ MSCST program and enrolled in 600-level courses at the beginning of the semester in order to earn graduate credits as late adjustments are not possible.

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