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Department of Chemistry and Physics


The Department of Chemistry and Physics at LSU Shreveport supports Bachelor of Science degree programs in Chemistry, Physics (theoretical and applied concentrations), and Biochemical Sciences.  In addition, three minors (Chemistry, Physics, and Electronics) are offered for students wishing to round out a degree in another field.  Our faculty consists of six Chemists and Biochemists and four Physicists.  

The Department of Chemistry and Physics office is located on the first floor of the Science building, in SC 112.  Faculty offices are also housed in the Science building, with Physics faculty located on the first floor and Biochemistry and Chemistry faculty on the third floor. 

Chemistry and Physics are the basic sciences at the heart of understanding and describing how the universe works. A degree in Chemistry, Physics, or Biochemical Sciences is an excellent preparation for a career in a variety of laboratory, medical, industrial, academic, or engineering settings.