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SciNet Research Program

SCI-NET Teacher Workshops

Goal: High school science teachers will be trained in the knowledge expectations and use of educational and experiential learning resources within the LSUS College of Sciences, including the newly developed coursework modules for the LSUS life science curricula. To accomplish this goal, the LSUS College of Sciences will host informational and training workshops for area high school teachers to learn about the content and expectations within the LSUS science curricula and will be encouraged to develop collaborative uses of the LSUS teaching and research lab facilities. Area high school science teachers (from Caddo and surrounding parishes) will be invited to these workshops, and each qualified pre-registrant will be compensated for their participation in the workshop. The topics and attendees of each workshop will vary, but example include: core concepts in the life science curricula, scientific equipment and research capacity at LSUS, and learning to use inquiry-based modules to reinforce essential life science concepts. In each workshop, interactive discussions and collaboration building will be central themes to help LSUS faculty understand and respond to the issues presented by the high school teachers.

2008 Teacher Workshop
1. Dr. Stephanie Aamodt, LSUS Director for Teacher Workshops for the Post-Katrina Grant and Catherine Williamson, Caddo Parish representative met eight times between January and June 2008 to organize and evaluate teacher workshops. 2. One teacher training workshop was held to discuss the life science curricula at LSUS and introduce learning modules and opportunities for experiential learning within the College of Sciences. This Teacher Workshop entitled "Shreveport/Bossier SciNet: Resources to develop life science education enhancements in high school curricula" was led by Stephanie Aamodt, PhD, Department of Biological Sciences, Louisiana State University-Shreveport and Cathy Williamson, Education Coordinator, Sci-Port Discovery Center and was held April 19, 2008, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm at Louisiana State University-Shreveport in Sciences Building, Room 228. SciNet Professional Development Workshop attendees included the following teachers from both Caddo Parish and Bossier Parish high schools: Jackie Gallion Cynthia Henderson Penny Pate Yvette Hays-Edwards Ramona Green Helen Odita Barbara Petteway Elizabeth Mire Sassy Williams Karen Merritt

Future Workshops Are In The Planning Stage

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