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Department of Biological Sciences

Degree Programs

B. S. Biological Sciences
The undergraduate biology curriculum is divided into four tracks (click the appropriate link to obtain a pdf file of the curriculum):

1) Cellular and Molecular Biology

2) Field and Organismal Biology

3) Environmental Biology

4) Forensic Science

Each track is divided into required courses for the specific track, elective courses, and general education courses. Students have a great deal of flexibility within the curriculum and can tailor their degree to meet any post-graduate need.

Biology Courses: Click this link for the biology courses.

Allied Health Programs: Click this link for the pre-allied health curricula.

Pre-Veterinarian Program: Click this link for the pre-vet requirements.


M. S. Degree Programs
Master of Science in Biological Sciences: Students interested in the LSUS program should apply through the Biological Sciences Department at LSUS. Contact Dalton Gossett, Chair of Biological Sciences, for additional information. The LSUS program offers courses and training in four areas: Cell/Molecular Biology, Field and Organismal Biology, Environmental Science, Computational Biology, and Health Sciences (non-thesis program for pre-med, pre-dent, and other health sciences). Click here for the MS Bio Sci Info Sheet. Click here for thesis and  non-thesis curriculum programs.