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General Studies Program


The department is housed within the College of Arts and Sciences and offers a variety of opportunities, which are intended to help advance individuals toward their professional goals. Although the department shares a broad philosophy with the other areas in the college, we do not offer a Liberal Arts Degree; instead, we offer a Bachelor of General Studies degree.

The program is interdisciplinary and allows students to select an area of concentration, not a departmental major, in one of four broad subject-matter groups: Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Applied Sciences. BGS students work with the director to develop an individual program of study that meets their personal needs and prepares them for the job market.

The department has approximately 200 majors in the program, and the program requirements help expose these students to an array of disciplines that otherwise may not be experienced by completing a traditional major. The flexibility of the program is very attractive to those who transfer a large number of credit hours and those who work full time and wish to complete a degree.