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Department of General Studies

General Studies Career Tracks

Over the past few years the General Studies program at LSU Shreveport has evolved into a truly interdisciplinary program with the goal of producing graduates with fundamental training in varied yet cohesive academic fields that will benefit them both professionally and as members of the larger community. Within the program, we have created several career tracks based on the needs of area employers and the professional interests of potential students. Some of the recently established interdisciplinary career tracks include:

  • Nonprofit Administration (formerly American Humanics) (combines business and social sciences)
  • Health Care Services (combines natural sciences, social sciences, and business)
  • Business Information Systems (combines business and computer sciences)
  • Religious Studies (combines humanities and business)

Each year the General Studies Department evaluates the potential of new "career track" options so that we can strengthen our program and provide our students with a background that will support them in the workplace. Look at the requirements for our current career tracks and determine if one might be of interest to you.

Nonprofit Administration (formerly American Humanics)
Nonprofit Administration is a collaborative program in which students receive their academic training from a participating college or university, and practical training and field experience by means of co-curricular activities such as workshops, conferences, visits to agencies, counseling, and participation in the Nonprofit Administration Student Organization (NASO). In addition, a six-hour internship at a non-profit organization provides valuable hands on experience. Upon graduation and completion of the requirements, students will receive a Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership accompanied by the exclusive use of the Certified Nonprofit Professional credential, CNP.

Health Care Services
One of the largest employers in the Shreveport-Bossier metropolitan area is the health care industry. Hospitals, nursing homes, health maintenance organizations, and related businesses and agencies are in constant need of trained personnel, and the need is growing as the industry expands. The HCS career track option of the General Studies degree program, designed primarily for students who already have a background in science or allied health, provides instruction in business, communications, and the social sciences as training for entry-level positions in health care services.

Business Information Systems
Because of the explosion of information technology that has taken place in recent years, there is a growing need for professionals who are at home in what once were considered two different worlds: the world of business and the world of computers. The BIS career track option of the General Studies program trains students in both areas and provides practical instruction in the variety of ways computers and data technology can be used to support and enhance management planning and decision-making. Not only private enterprise, but educational and government institutions as well, are relying more and more on computer based systems and have need of knowledgeable, competent professionals to design and maintain them.

Religious Studies Career Track
The Religious Studies career track option of the General Studies degree program is designed primarily as a foundation for students who plan to enter the seminary. In addition, it provides training for a wide variety of fields related to the religious life. The program combines studies in religion, philosophy, history, and literature with practical courses in psychology and management that are essential to professional success. Graduates interested in the practical, business-oriented side of today's religious institutions will find the interdisciplinary nature of this program useful.