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Department of English & Foreign Languages

Degree Programs

The Department of English and Foreign Languages now offers two concentrations toward a BA in English: the traditional literary studies concentration and the new writing concentration.

Both concentrations provide students with a basic foundation in literary history and literary studies, and then each concentration allows students to emphasize their particular interests.  The introductory course, "Introduction to Literary Studies," is required in both concentrations and acquaints students with various theories of literary criticism and helps them learn how to apply them and how to write analytically about literature. Additionally, all students are required to take 12 hours in a foreign language of their choosing. We offer Spanish, French, and German. A minor is available in each foreign language.


Literary Studies Concentration

The literary studies concentration allows students to study writers from the major periods of both British and American literature.  Special topics courses allow students to explore topics of personal interest.  A senior capstone course gives students the opportunity to reflect on their studies and to formulate a comprehensive picture of what they have accomplished.

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Writing Concentration

Students interested in the writing concentration can take courses in linguistics and the history of the language as well as courses in advanced composition, technical writing, creative writing, and other specialized courses in writing and communicating in various media.  Students can also participate in writing workshops, and upper-level students have the opportunity to participate in writing internships with local organizations and businesses.

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Foreign Languages

Spanish, French, & German

Learning a second language is more than simply learning its grammar. You will be immersed in the culture, art, politics, and of course, the written word of whichever language you wish to pursue. Not only does learning a second language make you more appealing to all employers, but doing so also allows you to see the world from another people's point of view—an invaluable experience for any scholar. A minor is available for each foreign language; see the curriculum sheet below.

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