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Animation and Visual Effects Program


AVE Classroom

The Animation and Visual Effects Program's state-of-the-art labs feature both Macintosh and PC workstations offering industry-standard high-end software. A dedicated student work lab is available to full time students.

Resources available to AVE Students:
• 200 + Core Render Farm with render queue
• Sever based work-flow
• Digital media stage with motion capture and green screen cyclorama
• Dimension Elite 3D printer
• Digital SLR cameras
• Digital camcorders
• Portable green screens
• Lighting equipment

Software changes quickly in the real world and the AVE program does not focus on any one specific software. However, the following software are currently part of the program.

3D Software:
• Maya
• Softimage
• Houdini
• Mud Box
• Motion Builder
• Magics
• Royal Render

Compositing Software:
• Nuke X
• After FX

Adobe Creative Suite
• Illustrator