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Are you excellent in science, but not so much with English and math? You want to go to college, but feel you do not meet the requirements of a four year degree? Never let doubt take away an opportunity to go to college. LSU Shreveport understands that people are strong in some areas and not so much in others. Therefore, LSU Shreveport and Bossier Parish Community College have joined together to create the BPCC @LSUS program. This partnership creates a convenient option for students to better themselves while attending a 4 year university. Courses are taught by BPCC instructors while on LSUS campus.

Students entering this program will take developmental English and math courses, college level English and math courses, and 12 hours of general education courses. They must finish the program with at least a 2.00 GPA (excluding developmental grades). After completing the program, they can choose the following options:

1)      Continue their education at LSUS as a transfer student
2)      Continue their education at BPCC in Bossier City, or
3)      Continue their education at another community college or 4-year institution

Students get the best of both worlds in this program.  While taking BPCC courses on the LSUS campus, students will gain access to a LSUS ID card, campus facilities, parking lots, and athletic and cultural/student life events. Students are also eligible for financial aid (BPCC code: 012033) and to live in university housing. 

Additionally, transfer students, current BPCC students, and current LSUS students may take courses offered by the BPCC @ LSUS program.