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Academic Advising

Who Is My Advisor?

Academic Advising


It's never too early to meet with your academic advisors and plan your next semester.  Advisors are assigned by the various academic departments, so your advisor is going to be someone teaching in the major you've elected.  If you can't remember your advisor's name or if you've changed majors, then contact the department chair:

  • Arts & Media: Dr. Linda Webster (; BH 330A; 318-797-5376 - BFA in Digital Art; BA in Mass Communication
  • Biological Sciences: Dr. Stephen Banks (; SC 104; 318-797-5231 - BS in Biological Sciences; Pre-Medical Careers Preparation
  • Chemistry & Physics: Dr. Brian Salvatore (; SC 112; 318-797-5246 - BS in Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry, Math & Physics
  • Computer Science: Dr. Alfred McKinney (; TC206A; 318-797-5093 - BS in Computer Science
  • English: Dr. Terry Harris (; BH 258; 318-797-5369 - BA in English
  • General Studies: Dr. Larry Anderson (; BH 226; 318-797-5371 - BGS (General Studies)
  • Kinesiology and Health Science: Dr. Timothy Winter (; HPE 207A; 318-797-5344 - BS in Community Health
  • History & Social Sciences: Dr. Gary Joiner (; BH 439; 318-7975337 - BA in History, BA in Sociology, BCG (Criminal Justice)
  • Psychology: Dr. Yong Dai ( BE 348A; 318-797-5045 - BS in Psychology
  • College of Business, Education, and Human Development: Kelly Wynn (; BE 117D; 318-797-5383 - Academic Counselor
  • College of Arts and Sciences: Frederic Washington (; BH 230; 318-797-5256 - Academic Counselor

If you have questions about the advising process or have been unable to get information about your advisor, contact Dr. Linda Webster. [UNDERGRADUATES ONLY!]

For advising, scheduling, and other questions regarding your program, please contact your program director or advisor using the contact information below.

Graduate Program Directors:

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