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Student Information

Understanding Your Transcript

Your transcript gives your grades both as letters and as numbers that are used to calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA).

You'll be familiar with some of the letter grades because you'll have seen them on your high school transcript. But others might be unfamiliar. My LSUS Grades gives a detailed explanation of all possible letter grades and what they mean.   Grades that give credit each have a numerical value that is used to calculate your GPA: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, and F=0. These numerical grades are multiplied by the number of credit hours the class carries to give the "quality points" that are used in the calculation. For example, earning a C (2 points) in a three credit-hour class would result in a total of 6 quality points. 

We have provided two tools to help you calculate your GPA:

  1. Sample transcript with GPA calculations
  2. GPA calculator

Your transcript has other valuable information, such as the semester in which the course was taken, the names and numbers of courses attempted, the number of times a course has been taken, and whether you are in good standing or on probation.  The LSUS catalog explains some of these additional elements.   Remember that your transcript does not provide a comprehensive explanation of its contents. Some of the items are administrative only and have no impact on your GPA or your progress through the degree program. The current LSUS catalog has information explaining the transcript, and your academic advisor will be able to answer any further questions you have. 

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