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Registering for classes is one of the most important, and perhaps daunting, tasks for a student.  In order to register for courses at LSU Shreveport, you must first talk with your advisor to plan which courses to take, and to have them remove your advising hold.

How to Find a List of Courses Offered for a Particular Semester:

  1. Visit the LSU Shreveport website - Course Schedule
  2. Click on the appropriate term for which you wish to register.
  3. If you wish to view an entire listing of all courses offered, leave the Course ID section blank, and click the Search Now button at the bottom of the webpage.
  4. If you wish to search for courses in a particular subject area, click on the subject area and then click the Search Now button.
  5. If you already know which courses you want to take, enter them into the section listed as Course ID, and hit the Search Now button.
  6. Once you have completed either step 3, 4, or 5, on this list, you will be redirected to a new page that lists the courses you were researching.
  7. Once you have determined which course you want to enroll in, click the Add to Cart Button.
  8. Once you have added all the courses you wish to take for the semester, click the Proceed to Checkout Button on the bottom right side of the page.
  9. Enter your Student ID and PIN Number and click the Green Sign In button
  10. Review the courses in your cart, and if these are the courses that you have been advised to take, click the red Register Now button.

You might find that you are unable to register for class. Automatic holds occur for a number of reasons (the reason is usually specified on myLSUS):

  • Student has not been cleared to register
  • Time conflict between selected classes
  • Student has exceeded credit hours
  • Student has not fulfilled prerequisites
  • Class is full
  • Off-campus transcript has not yet been assessed
  • Academic suspension

The process for granting overrides differs from department to department. You need to be aware of the protocols established by various departmental Chairs.  Please contact your appropriate Department Chair for specific details.

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