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Student Information

At-Risk Email Alerts

If you earn a D or an F in any class by midterm, you and your advisor will be sent an at-risk email alert. These go directly to your LSUS e-mail account, so you'll want to check that account several times each week.

If you receive an at-risk email alert, you should take three steps immediately:

  1. Contact your advisor to make an appointment.
  2. Discuss your progress with the class instructor and ask for advice on how to improve your grade.
  3. Update your Steps for Success worksheet in myLSUS and see if you can identify any study skills or time management skills that need improvement.

And please don't simply drop the class. Midterm grades are designed to give you time to figure out how to improve your class performance.  Meet with the instructor to see if there are tutoring or coaching options (likely through the Student Success Center) that can help you move toward mastery of the subject matter.

Remember that a D is a passing grade for most classes.  If you are doing well in all other classes but you are struggling with just one in a field that is new to you, stick with it so that you can earn credit for passing the course.  If you are struggling in several classes, you might want to tweak your work/life balance.  This would be a good time to chat with someone on the counseling services staff. 

Your success is important to your academic advisor. Never ignore an at-risk email alert or a request from your advisor to meet. 

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