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Family Information

Student Academic Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and Student Academic Privacy

While your new college student may be eager to experience the new freedoms and responsibilities of adulthood, for you as parent it can mean a loss of control as you step aside from the directive role you played in your young adult's childhood into an advising and supportive role.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 means that for the first time since your student began in pre-K, you may not expect the school to give you information about grades, academic standing, transcripts, discipline records, and other related materials. These records are available to the student pursuant to LSUS policy.

College Parents of America recommends that parents see this law as an opportunity for dialogue and relationship building with the student rather than as a barrier to information. In other words, this is an excellent opportunity to allow your student some privacy and the option of making adult decisions and by showing your respect for your student's maturity, to encourage open communication.

The US Department of Education website has more explicit information about the law, but if after reading it you still have questions, please contact the Registrar.

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