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Faculty Information

Preparing for Advising

Contacting Students

Students who are advised before registration opens are in the enviable position of being able to sign up for the classes they want and need. Ideally, all your advisees would contact you to arrange for early advisement. The reality is that many will not take that initiative and will rely on instructions sent (sometimes multiple times) from you, arriving in your office weeks after registration opens with the vague hope that you will somehow create vacancies for them in full classes. This experience is frustrating for any advisor.

To remind students of their responsibilities in the advising process, the Advising Committee recommends the following:

  • An email serves as documentation of your attempt to contact advisees.
  • If you are unable to contact an advisee after repeated attempts, alert your departmental chair.
  • Remind students of their responsibility to prepare for their advising appointment by completing the advising checklist.

Steps for Success
Steps for Success is designed to allow students to assess and review the skill sets essential to academic success and to allow advisor and advisee to communicate outside the formal advising session. Before meeting with your advisee, it can be beneficial to review last semester’s goals and strategies in Steps for Success.

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