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Science Graduates

Krista Daves Queen, Ph.D.

WHAT I DO NOW: After finishing my Ph.D. at LSU Health Shreveport, I am now a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at LSU Health Shreveport. I study a common virus that can cause tumorigenic changes in host cells.  

MY WORK/JOB CONSISTS OF: My work consists of scientific experimentation in human cell lines. 

HOW I GOT TO LSUS (OR WHY I CHOSE LSUS): I chose LSUS because it was an affordable,  yet quality, education. 

FOND MEMORIES OF LSUS: I loved being a part of a sorority while at LSUS and treasure the lifelong friendships I gained there. 

LSUS FACULTY WHO HELPED ME:  Dr. Gossett, Dr. Banks, Dr. Lucas, Dr. Burden, Dr. Thompson. 

HOW LSUS HELPED ME TO SUCCEED:  The education I received at LSUS gave me the foundation necessary to further my education beyond just a B.S. degree. 

ADVICE TO COLLEGE-BOUND STUDENTS:  Take classes that interest you! 

ADVICE TO SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO ENTER MY FIELD: Biomedical research is an ever-expanding field. Find something that intrigues you and never give up! 

TIPS ON CHOOSING A MAJOR/CAREER:  Think about what will benefit you most long term, and choose that. 

MY TOUGHEST PROFESSIONAL CHALLENGE: My toughest professional challenge has been maintaining focus while working toward my goals. 

MY TOUGHEST PERSONAL CHALLENGE: My toughest personal challenge has been maintaining a healthy work/life balance. 


Doctor of Philosophy

August 2012


Charles S. McClesky Award for Outstanding Presentation by a Ph.D. student

South Central Branch ASM Annual Meeting

December 2011


National Graduate Student Symposium

St. Jude Children's Research Center

April 2010


First Place, Poster Presentation (pre-proposal category)

Graduate Student Research Day, LSUHSC-S

May 2009


Winner, Jason A. Cardelli Award for Excellence in Career Research

Ray A. Barlow Symposium, LSUHSC-S

April 2009


Honorable mention, Poster Presentation (pre-proposal category)

Graduate Student Research Day, LSUHSC-S

May 2008

I'VE LEARNED FROM LIFE: You can never be too motivated! 

WHAT I'D BE DOING IF I HAD ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD: I would still be doing biomedical research!