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Science Graduates

Jariel E. Norton, Sr., DDS

WHAT I DO NOW: I am currently a dental resident at the Temple, Tx Veterans Administration Hospital in the Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program.  I also work part time at Kool Smiles in the city of Killeen, Tx.

MY WORK/JOB CONSISTS OF: My job as a dentist is to examine and diagnose patients' oral problems and evaluate their oral health status.  I provide general dental treatment such as fillings, crowns, root canal therapy, dentures, etc.

PATH TO MY CURRENT CAREER POSITION: Graduated as the valedictorian and Claiborne Parish Student of the Year in 2005 from Homer High School in Homer, LA.  Graduated Cum Laude from LSU-Shreveport in 2009 with B.S. in biological science.  I then attended Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry and graduated in May of 2013 with the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS).  I am now completing an Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) program at the Veterans Hospital in Temple, Texas.  I also work part time as a dentist for Kool Smiles dentistry.

HOW I GOT TO LSUS: I chose LSUS initially because I received a scholarship (incentive) to play for the Men's Basketball team.  Once I got to the university I found that it had so much more to offer.  I had always heard that the Science Department was one of a kind, but once I got to the school I really experienced this fact first hand. The Science Department alone is what made me stay at LSUS and not transfer anywhere else.

FOND MEMORIES OF LSUS:  EVERYTHING!!! I miss it all, from the basketball games, to the Greek parties ( I am a brother of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.), the long-lasting friendships I built while there, and even the days of studying all night in the library.

LSUS FACULTY WHO HELPED ME:  Dr. Tara Williams-Hart is God's gift to an undergraduate student.  Dr. Terry Legrand, Dr. Paul Sisson, Dr. Rick Mabry, Dr. Carlos Spaht, Dr. Randy Butterbaugh just to name a few. The entire faculty is a great group and all are willing to help.

HOW LSUS HELPED ME SUCCEED: LSUS showed me something that can never be taken away.  It showed me that with hard work, many long hours, and determination I could make it to any level in life that I desired.  The Science Department prepared me extremely well for entrance into Professional School and I thank them dearly for that.

ADVICE TO COLLEGE BOUND STUDENTS:  Give it your all every single day and night in college and you will be able to relax so much better once this is all over.  Don't take a single week off, and always keep your next move in mind. That way you will keep your present actions in check.

ADVICE TO SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO ENTER MY FIELD: Learn the value of hard work now.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.  You have to be a well-rounded individual, not just a book worm to do what I do.  Respect everyone you encounter and remember to treat others as you would want them to treat you.

TIPS ON CHOOSING A MAJOR OR CAREER: Choose something that will be satisfying to YOU.  It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, because you are the one who has to live with the decision and the career.


MY TOUGHEST PERSONAL CHALLENGE: Accepting the fact that there are people in this world who are smarter and better than you at most things


Graduate/Medical:  Baylor College of Dentistry (Doctor of Dental Surgery) 2009-Present

·         2010-2011 Student National Dental Association Historian

·         2010-2011 Hispanic Dental Association Secretary

·         2010-2012 Member of Delta Sigma Delta dental fraternity

·         2010-2011 Delta Sigma Delta community service/garage service chair     

·         2009-2010, 2010-2011 Member of Asian Dental Association

College:  Louisiana State University in Shreveport (B.S. in Biological Sciences) 2005-2009 

·         Cum Laude (3.64 gpa)

·         Dean's List for 5 semesters

·         Chancellor's List 1 semester

·         Member of LSU-Shreveport Men's basketball Team (2005-2008)

·         Member of the Beta Beta Beta Biology Honor Society

·         Member of the Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical Honor Society

·         Over 100 hours of Community Service

·         Over 400 hours of dental office work/observance hours

·         Omicron Delta Kappa honor society inductee

·         Top 10% Biological Sciences Graduate of LSU-Shreveport

·         Voted Best All Around Sophomore at LSU-Shreveport

·         Voted as a delegate to the LSU-Shreveport Conduct (disciplinary) Board 

High School:  Homer High School (Diploma) - 2001-2005 

·         Valedictorian (4.00 gpa)

·         2005 Claiborne Parish (county) Student of the Year

·         Horatio Alger Scholar Award

·         President of National Honor Society

·         Class Vice President

·         Student Council Vice President

·         Class 2A All state/area/district athlete (basketball)

·         Best All Around Student/Most Likely to Succeed

·         Project Upward Bound Valedictorian/Top Student  


I'VE LEARNED THIS FROM LIFE: It's not important where you come from, but where you aspire to go and those you help along the way.  ALWAYS reach beyond the sky, there is so much out there to achieve if you just put your mind to it.

WHAT I'D BE DOING IF I HAD ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD: Spending time with my children and family.