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General Studies Graduates

LTC Kevin Broom, Ph.D.

Kevin Broom

What I Do Now: Assistant Professor of Health Management & Policy, Saint Louis University. 

MY JOB CONSISTS OF:  I am an Assistant Professor of Health Management & Policy at Saint Louis University. My research and teaching focus on financial management within the health industry. Additionally, I recently retired from a 23-year career in the Army Medical Department. My military experiences included work in tactical healthcare organizations within the Army's rapid deployment forces, as well as serving in the Army's network of traditional hospitals. Positions of noteworthiness included being a Company Commander in the 101st Airborne Division, as well as being a Chief Financial Officer, a Health Care Administrator, and a Professor.

PATH TO MY CURRENT CAREER POSITION:  After a series of successful financial management positions within the Army Medical Department, I was offered an opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. in Finance, and then to teach graduate-level Finance to military officers.  From there, I quickly found that I enjoyed mentoring students much more than the daily grind of work.  Thus, I retired from the military and went into academia full-time.    

HOW I GOT TO LSUS:  I enrolled at LSUS after a three-year enlistment in the Army. I chose LSUS because I wanted to return to my home state, and LSUS was the right fit.

FOND MEMORIES OF LSUS:  I met my wife of 20+ years at LSUS. We took numerous classes together and eventually graduated together in 1992. I also have fond memories of everyone associated with my old fraternity and the Army ROTC Program.

LSUS FACULTY WHO HELPED ME:  The two faculty members who inspired me the most were MAJ Linn Hendrickson and Dr. Dalton Gossett. MAJ Hendrickson helped me make the transition from being a young enlisted soldier to becoming a young officer. Dr. Gossett helped me understand the things I needed to change in order to become a much better student. Both had a great impact on my career. 

HOW LSUS HELPED ME SUCCEED:  While I was far from being a good student during my time at LSUS, my experience at my alma mater helped lay the foundation for success later in life (and specifically towards higher education). I learned that a college education doesn't come easy, and that you have to be prepared to step up for the challenge. LSUS certainly challenged me, and it changed my work ethic towards higher education. 

ADVICE TO COLLEGE-BOUND STUDENTS: Be prepared for a different type of education than what you may have received in high school. Your faculty won't force you to learn the material, so you have to be self-motivated. You must have an intellectual curiosity for whatever discipline you should choose. If your major doesn't stimulate your thinking, you are probably seeking the wrong major.

ADVICE TO SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO ENTER MY CAREER FIELD:  For those seeking a military career, be prepared for lots of sacrifices along the way, but also be prepared to meet thousands of great Americans. You'll never meet a more patriotic group of people. For those seeking a career in academia, keep in mind that an education is a journey, not a destination. You must embrace learning as a way of life. Once you stop learning, you start becoming stale. 

TIPS ON CHOOSING A MAJOR OR CAREER:  Find something that really interests you, and then try to make a career around that interest. Don't chase money, fame, power, etc.; chase happiness and quality of life. 


MY TOUGHEST PERSONAL CHALLENGE:  Balancing work and a large family. 


• 2009: Earned a Ph.D. (Finance) from the University of Mississippi 
• 2000: Earned an MBA from Syracuse University and named an Honor Graduate from their Defense Comptrollership Program
• 1997-1998: Commanded the largest healthcare organization in the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) 
• 2009, 2011: Twice named "Educator of the Year" for the Army-Baylor University Graduate Program in Health and Business Administration
• 2000: Inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, the International Honor Society for AACSB-accredited business programs 

I'VE LEARNED THIS FROM LIFE:   Success comes from establishing simple guidelines, and sticking to them. I've always lived by A) "Do what's right" and B) "Do your best." As long as you try your hardest, and never compromise your principles/values/ethics, good things will happen for you. 

WHAT I'D BE DOING IF I HAD ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD:  Traveling with my family. 

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