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Business Graduates

Hardy Foreman, CPA

Hardy D. Foreman, CPA

How I got to LSUS:
I graduated from a very small high school, therefore, I wanted to attend a smaller university while enjoying the cultural opportunities a larger city like Shreveport could provide me.

Fond Memories of LSUS:
I really enjoyed getting to know my professors and the general atmosphere at LSUS.

LSUS faculty who helped me:
Dr. Rick Parker and Dr. Carl Smolinski

How LSUS helped me succeed:
LSUS provided me with the rare opportunity to enjoy a first-rate education at a fraction of the cost of a private institution.

What I do now:
Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC-  Partner

About my job:
I am constantly advising my clients regarding the adoption of various measures allowed under the current Interal Revenue Code Rules and Regulations in order to increase their tax savings.  Additionally, I supervise and provide guidance to our Staff Accountants entering the workforce from college.   

Advice to college-bound students:
Always strive to be the best student in every single one of your classes because the very best employers only want to hire students with the ambition and drive to be the best.

Advice to someone who wants to enter my field:
The Accounting profession needs intelligent, driven professionals. If you have these qualities then you can achieve great things in your career.

Tips on choosing a major or career:
Make sure you choose a major or career that will provide you the standard of living that you would like to achieve post graduation. Otherwise, you will never be satisfied with your chosen major and/or career.

My toughest professional challenge:
Without a doubt the CPA Exam!!

My toughest personal challenge:
My wife and I had twin daughters with a two-year-old son already at home. We had three children under the age of three!!! The first year was very challenging for everyone.

Successes in my life:
1) S. Berton Heard Scholar at LSUS
2) Name one of the 40 under 40 by the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce - 2008
3) President - LSUS Alumni Association
4) President Elect - Shreveport Chapter of the LCPA
5) Director of Finance for the Mudbug Festival - 2005 & 2006

I've learned this from life:
Always strive to be the very best no matter the task or assignment because someone is counting on you.