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807 Students Enroll the First Semester

July 27, 2017

The very first semester Louisiana State University Shreveport was open, 807 eager students enrolled for classes. Of those students 327 were women and 480 were men.

“Our student body appears to be representative of the college-age group of the northwest Louisiana area,” said Mrs. Fabia E. Thomas, the LSUS registrar during the fall semester of 1967.

1967 Class RegistrationStudents seemed most interested in studying business administration, with two hundred and one students deeming this their major. One hundred and sixty-six students studied the sciences, while 133 students studied education, and one hundred and eighteen students claimed liberal arts as their major.

Most of the students that attended LSUS that first semester were local residents. Six hundred and forty-four of the students lived in Caddo Parish, and 111 students were from Bossier Parish. LSUS also attracted the attention of students from other states. Ten students came to LSUS from the states of Arkansas, California, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia. One Student traveled all the way from Costa Rica to attend this promising university.

A little over 42 percent of the student body were married, and 80 of the male students were classified as veterans of the armed forces. Five of the veterans served in World War II and three in the Korea Conflict. One veteran served in both World War II and the Korean Conflict, and 70 veterans served post-Korean Conflict.

During that first semester, the student body consisted of 756 freshman, 32 sophomores and 2 juniors.

“Of the 756 students classified as freshman, 131 have some previous college experience,” explained Thomas. “A student is classified as a freshman until he earns credit for 30 semester hours and has a 2.0 overall average.”

During LSUS’s first semester, over 11,000 semester hours were scheduled! For more information on how to enroll at LSUS and become a part of our legacy, contact our Admissions Department at 318-797-5061 or

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